Advertisers used to have just a few tools for understanding and knowing their clients and prospects. Demographic information, ratings of viewers or listeners, and shaky psychographic information were the only ways to find target audiences, and even then, advertising costs were either too high or not high enough to reach the people most likely to buy.

There are many SEO tools used by top seo companies in australia that can help you find out more about your prospects than just their demographic information, and many of them are free.

Identifying a target audience in today’s digital world is considerably more sophisticated than in the past. It is no longer sufficient to categorise your consumers based on their age, income, gender, or geographic region, especially with so many options at your disposal. Lifestyle, Internet/digital usage, and personal hobbies are now more important than ever when it comes to adding more relevant information to your customer avatar. The more you know about them, the easier it is to target them with relevant communications that will bring them closer to the moment of sale.

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Target marketing aids in the more cautious allocation of a marketing budget. Why, for example, spend money on individuals who are unlikely to buy right away? Especially when it is feasible to target people who are prepared and ready to buy right now. Efforts can also be made to keep those other segments interested and engaged until they are ready to buy.

Think with Google.

What is its function? Subscribe to the Think with Google newsletter to receive the most recent consumer trends and insights. You will receive data reports, tips, infographics, and articles to help you delve deeper into your prospects’ behaviours and interests. You will be able to create more convincing audience-tailored advertising as you gain more information.

Google and Talkwalker Alerts

Set up notifications using terms that are relevant to your target audience. Set your notifications to include Retail Businesses in Sydney, for example, if that is your target audience. The content specified in the alert will be delivered to your mailbox. Both Google Alerts and Talkwalker Alerts are quite useful and may be set up in a variety of ways. Both are effective social media monitoring programmes that are also free!

SEO Tools to Understand Your Audience


What is its purpose? Followerwonk gives Twitter audience insights. It can analyse Twitter accounts, compare bios, sort, track, and many other things. Although this programme has a commercial edition, the free version may show authority rankings, followers, follower locations, and discover viewer activity patterns.

Using this tool, you will observe unexpected behaviours and interests among your followers. Assume you operate an e-commerce website that offers high-end sports watches. You may learn that your Twitter followers are interested in national and worldwide running marathons by utilising Follwerwonk. This gives an aspect that may be woven into marketing communications, resulting in a more personal connection.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been around for a long time and has been widely used by SEO agencies, digital marketers, and several other skilled professionals to gain audience insights about their services; it is still one of the most popular tools available. It allows you to monitor your website’s traffic and discover a wealth of information about the individuals who visit it. You will also be able to observe the “bounce rate,” which indicates how quickly individuals arrive at the site and then leave. This is because the site is not what they expected or is opening extremely slowly. Because the typical Internet attention span is currently approximately nine seconds, the website must open promptly and instantly attract the visitor with the content they are seeking.

When you look at Google Analytics’ Audience area, you will see your visitors – Demographics, Geographic location and Behaviour (time spent on the site and pages viewed; new versus returning visitors); Technology used (browsers, operating system, network), and lastly, if they used Desktop or mobile (preferences, interests, habits, etc.)

SEO Tools to Understand Your Audience

Answer the Public

This intriguing consumer research tool goes to the heart of what your prospects are asking about the market in which your goods operate or the niche of your service operation. It is crucial to understand the sorts of inquiries asked in searches so that suitable information may be delivered. There is a short beginners’ course that may walk you through the steps of seeing Google and Bing results. You will find a treasure trove of knowledge that can be used in any creative, SEO services, or content strategy. The cloud-based insights will show you what kinds of queries are being asked, allowing you to choose which responses to deliver.

Keyword Tool

What Does the Keyword Tool Do? Keywords are still important, especially in search engine marketing. This free keyword tool searches Google autocomplete for common, short terms with high search traffic. By utilising this tool, you will have access to the Google Keyword Planner’s secret keywords. Long-tail and related keywords will both supply marketing ideas for more significant perspectives and approaches.

Although the Keyword Tool Pro is not free, it does provide up to 20 additional terms per search and may be worthwhile in your case. There are three monthly options to select from.

Take Away

Understanding the minds and hearts of your target audience is critical if you want to provide highly focused content, advertising, and social media. Make sense? You’ll be speaking into their ears. If the material is suited to their requirements, goals, and interests, they will hear your message loud and clear.

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