Garden parties are charming. Sincerely, there is something about being in a serene atmosphere where nature can smile at you throughout the day. Unless you have been to a lovely garden in Melbourne, you can never deny the elegance of sitting in a beautiful garden with friends for a special event. You can learn more about Paint and Sip Party in Melbourne by clicking here.

Hosting a paint and sip party is something you will always want to do again after the first experience. And for a nice-looking region like Melbourne, you can never exhaust the options available for your pleasure. 

Think about the flowers and coolness of the atmosphere. How about the greens and the natural breeze that can calm the head for better performance? No matter the angle at which you are looking at it, Melbourne gardens are a crowd-pleaser.

So, are you looking for a lovely garden where you and your friends can sit down to create some gorgeous painting pieces and have some wine together? Don’t fret. I have a list of the most exciting venues for your next paint and sip party. So, let us check out this list one after the other.

1. Brighton Beach Hotel – Milanos 

This newly renovated beet garden is one of the perfect destinations for a paint and sip party. Immediately you check-in, the incredible bay view is the first thing to welcome you and your friends. Just as you would love it, this garden combines serenity with simplicity. It is specially made for casually styled events, and for that, I don’t think you can get a better venue for your paint and sip party. One of the things that makes this garden more party-like is the unlimited space for the crowd. So, feel free to bring in as many friends as possible to paint and merry together. This garden is situated in Brighton, Melbourne.

2. Royal Botanic Gardens

This garden is situated in South Yarra in Melbourne. It can occupy up to 120 people at a -time. This venue provides a lot of opportunities for any kind of party. So, hosting a paint and sip party in this garden can only add more glamour and nothing less. You can take advantage of the historic homestead and utilize it as part of your mini painting studio setting. Better still, you can opt for the exquisite marquee for your paint and sip event. Whichever way you want to have it, you will be at the center of a stunning botanical garden. It will be an unforgettable experience for your friends that love nature.

3. Wattle Park Chalet

This incredible party venue is located at Surrey Hills in Melbourne. It is known for its capacity to house many people for any event at a time. Do you know that you can invite up to 300 friends for your paint and sip party in Wattle Park Chalet? Yes. It’s that amazing. This incredible party venue is only a 20-minute walk from the city. So, you don’t have to worry about the distance or how to converge people down to the forum.

The setting is supper-ready for all types of events. And since you would be painting, you will find it easy to set up your mini painting studio in the garden. Lest I forget, Wattle Park Chalet features a Tudor-style homestead that beautifully surrounds the carefully manicured gardens. Without a doubt, it is a perfect destination for your paint and sip event.

4. Piggery Café

This garden is located at Sherbrooke in Melbourne, and it is one of the venues with the highest esteem in the city. So you can imagine the pleasure it will bring hosting your paint and sip party in a garden surrounded by lush, expansive landscapes in Piggery Café. This rustic and stylish venue of one of the most sought-after party venues serving food and excellent drinks. I don’t want to know about your taste and preferences. You will love the environment when you step in. 

5. The Old Melbourne Observatory 

This garden also resides in South Yarra in Melbourne. If you are thinking of a place that can occupy as many of your friends as possible, you can choose this venue. It features an eastern transit room that will allow your friends to immerse the paint and sip event in the lush surrounded by the botanic gardens. Amazingly, this venue will ideally prevent you and your friends from the notoriously fluctuating Melbourne weather.

6. Yearling Farm Winery

Yearling farm Winery is one of the perfect venues for your paint and sip event. As stated in the name, it is a winery, and that should be good news for any of your friends who loves to drink. Beyond that, this farm winery offers you and your friends the opportunity to host the event in any form of setting. For instance, you would need to create an environment where you can easily use your paint kits, which is what this garden has to offer.

In reality, paint and sip is an event that should take place in a very calm environment where the brain can perform at its optimum level. That is one of the reasons I would want to always recommend this place for any casual event.

7. Taradale House Estate 

Taradale House Estate resides in Rushcutters Bay in Sydney. Although it doesn’t have much space like the above-listed venues, it can give you everything you want in a garden for a paint and sip event.  

If you and your friends are your first priority, this venue will give you that exclusively. It features a well-furnished house where you can do all your painting and drinking without any complications. However, sometimes, you would need to leave the exterior area to avoid some effects of harsh weather. If you find yourself in this situation, Taradale can be your best option.

On a final note 

Hosting a paint and sip event in a lovely-looking garden will magnify the fun and excitement. If you are anywhere in Melbourne, you can check out any of the above destinations to see what is waiting for you. Meanwhile, your location can be a factor in choosing your preferred option in the list.

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